Monday, August 25, 2008

Expecting a storm...

The ASGA offices are located in usually sunny Florida. But this past weekend, our headquarters was right smack dab in the path of slow-moving Tropical Storm Fay. While the storm didn't have hurricane-force winds, it did pack a punch. It dumped inches and inches of rain on our area, waterlogging everyone and everything. One of my relatives had 30 inches of rain! We're drying out now, thankfully.

As the storm churned toward us, the ASGA team all made plans for our homes and families. We turned off equipment at our offices. We cleaned gutters and picked up anything that could get thrown by the winds into windows. We filled gas tanks for the generator and stocked up on canned goods and water.

It was a reminder to me about the value of preparation. In Student Governments, there are times that we take on an issue or problem and we can predict there will be a storm ahead-- a storm of protests or negative reaction or criticism.

Just like preparing for a natural disaster is wise, it's wisdom to think ahead and play devil's advocate and be ready for what may come as a campus leader. By doing so, you are preparing for the storm ahead. Hopefully, like Tropical Storm Fay, it will pass you by relatively unscathed.