Friday, November 14, 2008

Back from Big D

Spent last weekend in Dallas at ASGA's annual Southwest Student Government Training Conference at Northwood University. It's the fourth year in a row at that same beautiful suburban location.

We brought in a new speaker, Chris Irving, for this event and his reviews were strong. It was great to catch up with Andre Koen from Minnesota (he was at last year's Dallas conference and also emceed our New Officers event in Orlando). Susan Leahy, of course, was also there.

At dinner after the conference was over, we had the deepest, most enjoyable conversation I think I've had at an ASGA conference in years. We spoke about our beliefs and faith, or lack thereof, and really delved into some sensitive areas that are normally taboo in most social conversations. I enjoyed it very much.

ASGA has been considering a "faith-based conference," knowing how many Christian-related colleges and universities there are in the nation (2,000). We have been surveying students and administrators and so far had strong positive feedback. Adding this conference would mean ASGA produces 11 events a year. With us also taking on consulting and training at individual colleges and universities throughout the year, we're on the go a lot.

But it's all worth it! I have figured out a balance between work and home, usually working at my home now instead of at my office 30 minutes away. I'm able to spend time with my wife and children while also working on ASGA business, helping our members and answering questions.

Now up to 778 member institutions! We're on pace to crack 800 members by year's end!