Friday, January 9, 2009

From 80 degrees to an ice storm

Being a Florida native, I sometimes get sick of the heat and humidity here in the Sunshine State. But when I travel for ASGA, I'm reminded of how nice it is at this time of year.

Just got back from Saint Francis University outside of Pittsburgh. While there, I drove through an ice storm, walked gingerly on slick walkways and stairs, and drove slow through snow and sleet. For this Florida boy, that was a blizzard.

Yesterday, my children were shirtless and in swimsuits, barefooted of course, outside playing and riding bikes. Back on the mountain at Saint Francis, only the bravest souls were outside in biting 20 degree weather and blowing icy rain.

Travel for ASGA is part of my normal routine now. This trip was to help train new senators and also do an assessment of the major changes that the SGA at SFU has been making over the past year. Very impressive. I'm looking forward to continuing my research and producing a document in the coming weeks to help this institution understand the progress they've made and what potential it has to continue improving.