Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Planning Ahead Saves Money

Particularly now, in light of budget issues at most colleges and universities across America, it has never been more important for student governments to plan ahead.

Planning ahead saves time, energy, and money. Waiting until the "last minute" can cost money, create problems, and cause errors.

For example, ASGA offers "early-bird" discounts for institutions that are planning to attend our National Student Government Summit in September. By registering now, our members save $50 per person.

The cost goes up progressively over the summer. Waiting until September to register will cost a member $200 per person. This could have gone toward programming or services for their fellow students.

Registering now also will save our members on their travel expenses, as airfare is super-low right now. It might not be later this summer.

Planning ahead for this one ASGA conference alone could save our members thousands of dollars.

Of course, there are many other areas in which planning can save Student Governments time, money, and energy. In tough economic times, it is particularly important to think ahead and try to save, be more efficient, and save your students' money.