Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The evolution of ASGA

ASGA will be six years old this March 2010.

Until now, most of my focus as executive director has been in creating the organization, developing services, and creating policy. It has been more than a full-time job, to say the least.

But my work with ASGA is evolving. Now, I spend much less time on "creating" and "marketing" the organization. ASGA has become the recognized "standard," the only national organization serving and supporting collegiate student governments. We have earned credibility and respect from much of the higher education community.

This respect is reflected in our constantly growing membership. We now have 900 member institutions, which is four-times larger than USSA or ASACC, which are primarily lobbying organizations. We produce 10 conferences, which is more than all of the other student government conferences combined.

Our credibility is also reflected in our very high renewal rates for member institutions. Just a handful of institutions don't renew their ASGA memberships, and this is usually because they're experiencing severe budget limitations. They usually want to be ASGA members, but just can't financially.

Now, my role is more about serving those members through consulting, research, answering questions, and helping them solve problems. This is what I always envisioned it would be like as ASGA evolved.

Within another year, I predict that 80 percent of my time will be spent on answering member questions and helping them with research instead of coming up with recruiting and marketing strategies to spread the word about ASGA. This is exciting! This is why I do what I do!