Monday, May 17, 2010

12,000 People Hours Yearly

That's what ASGA invests in updating the information we store on every student government in the nation. We now employ five full-time researchers who are totally devoted to making sure our information is the most-current possible.

It's a major undertaking to keep accurate records on all 5,000 colleges and universities. It's a never-ending challenge. But our team can update about 35 schools per day. We go to their web site, college newspapers, SG web sites, and put on our Sherlock Holmes hats to find anything we can about every student government.

We then store it in the SG Database at Our members can search the SG Database to learn about trends, see research, get ideas and solutions to problems, and more.

I calculated that five full-time workers spend 2,080 hours annually working on the SG Database. Two others, including me, pitch in regularly as well, which is where the 12,000 "people-power" hours come from. No other organization in the world devotes both the time and people resources to gathering information about student governments. That is part of what separates ASGA from any other higher-education organization.

And the SG Database and our depth and breadth of information stored only gets better and better by the day!