Thursday, December 18, 2008

800 members strong!

Today, ASGA reached and surpassed 800 member institutions. We now have 806.

This is an amazing number, as ASGA was only launched in March 2004. We're adding more new member institutions annually, and the number is growing each year (166 so far in 2008, 164 in 2007, 158 in 2006). I predict that we could have 1,200 members by 2011.

Most higher education professional associations hover around 1,200 member schools. This seems to be the "magic number." But I think the sky is the limit for ASGA. We could have 1,500 to 2,000 member institutions.

Why is this important? The more members ASGA has, the more accurate our databases will be, as our members help us keep information on new officers and advisors curent.

More members mean more attendees at our conferences. More training of SG officers means better student governments nationwide. More members and attendees at ASGA conferences also means more resources for ASGA to improve our services for members, conduct more research, and help more colleges and universities.

It's an exciting time at ASGA, as we continue to grow and improve every day.